A short history of the DRS Newsletter

The first Newsletter of the Design Research Society appeared in April 1968, 2 years after the formation of the Society. Over the years the Newsletter has appeared in several forms, including the 'Design Research Bag' of the early 1970s, with the last paper-published Newsletter being the October-December 1999 issue.  The front page of every published Newsletter can be viewed below - clicking on any image brings up a larger version so that the text can be read.

From 1996 the Newsletter was also delivered through an mail-list and following 1999 this is where all subsequent Newsletters of the Society have appeared. The current Editor of the DRS Newsletter is David Durling and it is circulated regularly to over 10,000 subscribers.

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The archive below appears courtesy of Nigel Cross. The banner image above is taken from Newsletter number 5 (following the early relaunch of the Newsletter).